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留学生Wakeel Abdul:亲临玉皇山南基金小镇令人激动

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  YuhuangShannanFund town of Hangzhou China, bears spectacular resemblances in location, natural environment, culture and industry to Greenwich, Connecticut, United States. Fund town is located in the center of the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage site, creatively combining its age-long history, profound culture, excellent environment, booming finance industry as well as cultural creative industries, which is second to none in China.Sitting at the foot of Yuhuanghill in Hangzhou, the Fund Town offers more than just a beautiful landscape. Opened in May 2015, it aims to be an important platform for a private capital in China. With a great resemblance to shanghai, fund town of Hangzhou has a geographical advantage over shanghai, but no conflict of interest. The economic hub shanghai is mainly focusing on the public offers, while fund town Hangzhou, is emphasizing the private offers.  In addition, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo and south wing of Yangtze River Delta are within its 90 min- drive circle, offering it a huge financial development space. Fund Town has quite a promising future. At present, there are a total of 2,000 financial institutes in the Town; the assets under management of Fund Town have exceeded 1,000 billion Yuan, and over 330 billion Yuan of capital has been injected to the real economy. It has successfully supported and cultivated 98 companies to go public


  According to the CCTV report; "The investment channel for private capital was very limited here. People mostly invested in the property market or even illegal private banks," said Miao Chengchao, Party Secretary, Shangcheng District Committee of CPC."On the other hand, many companies, especially startups are eager for money to develop. What we need is a professional medium to connect and balance the supply and demand for money."[L1] As private wealth management is a relatively new discipline in China, attracting more western-educated and experienced professionals is critical for the Town's future.In an effort to draw more people here, international schools and medical centres have been built, but most important of all, there's a financial eco-system in place. It seems the strategy is paying dividends."We can bring more professional investment strategies and a concept of risk management to these affluent people to make China's capital market more mature," said Dr. Charlie Wang, Chairman, MD Grand Investments LTD. "And we can also stimulate companies' development or transformation, through capital operations."Zhejiang Province has been renowned for its manufacturing industry for decades.However, it is now transitioning to a greener and more sustainable economy. Local authorities hope the Fund Town will be a powerful driver of this change. Zhou Linjin is running a company which provides a car parking service for shopping malls and other public spaces... A fund company invested in it in July of last, but it's providing more than just money. "Our market value has grown five times and reached 2.2 billion RMB in the five months since the capital injection.We spend the money on employing more talent and developing new technologies," he said.Parking has always been a major problem for Hangzhou, especially in the city center.But using big data technology, you can book a space in advance now. "We have abundant capital for investment, and the fund town has created a platform to find companies with great potential," said Sam Sheng, Managing Director."We hope that we can find more capital to upgrade these traditional industries, to both solve social problems and create economic benefit."With the strength of China's real economy, the abundance of private capital available, and an increasingly sophisticated investment climate here, many believe that Hangzhou's YuhuangShannan Fund Town can go a long way to realizing its ambitious targets.

  私人财富管理在中国可谓是一个相对新颖的领域,因此,吸引更多接受西式教育且经验丰富的专业人士对于小镇未来发展至关重要。为了吸引更多的人才,小镇已建立了国际学校和医疗中心,最重要的是,已建成金融生态系统。该策略似乎已初见成效,“我们可以为富裕的人们提供更专业的投资策略和风险管理概念,从而使中国资本市场更趋成熟,”杭州明得浩伦投资管理有限公司董事长王昌南说,“我们也可以通过资本运营刺激公司发展或转型。”数十年来,浙江省以制造业而闻名,现在正向绿色、可持续经济转型,地方当局希望基金小镇可以成为这一转型的强大动力。周林锦经营一家公司,该公司为大型购物中心和其它公共空间提供汽车停车场服务...去年7月份,一家基金公司对其进行投资,但不仅仅提供资金支持。“资金注入之后,5个月内,我们的市值翻了5倍,达到22亿元,我们用该资金吸引人才和开发新技术,”他说。停车已成为杭州的一个重大问题,尤其是在市中心。但是现在使用大数据技术,你就可以提前预定到车位。“我们有充足的资金用于投资,基金小镇已创建了平台挖掘有巨大潜力的公司,”常务董事Sam Sheng说。“我们希望可以聚集更多资本对传统工业进行优化升级,以此解决社会问题并创造经济利益。”鉴于中国实体经济的实力、充足可用的私人资本和越来越复杂的投资环境,很多人认为杭州玉皇山南基金小镇距离实现其宏伟目标还有很长的道路要走。



  On 28 September, 2017, www.zjol.com.cn organized foreigners from all over the world to visit the fund town Hangzhou. The visitors, in their interviews,said they were elated to experience the scenic, yet secluded fund town. They were awestruck by the breathtaking beauty of fund town and declared those who would be working there as “the luckiest people in the world”. Many members of the group weren’t aware of the town’s existence and extended heartfelt gratitude to www.zjol.com.cn for providing them with an opportunity to visit a place where reality matches the imagination. The state of the art international schools and medical center add to the social quality of the town. Top notch companies such as CNIC Corporation Limited and China Electronics have settled in the beautiful fund town. The interesting and unique cuisine museum, situated in fund town adds to the attraction of ssthe town for visiting foreigners. To sum it up, fund town offers a unique visiting experience, blended with the wondrous beauty of nature as well as the epitome of human social development. If one is in search of a place to escape the burden and stress of life, Fund Town is exactly where one should go.


  作者系浙江大学国际教育学院博士留学生 Wakeel Abdul

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